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Sunshine poised to become the centre of Melbourne’s West

With Sunshine Town Centre poised to become an important regional centre for Melbourne’s growing west, Sunshine is keen to capitalise on the opportunities that will continue to unlock more benefits for its community.

To paint the picture:

  1. There is a Draft Sunshine Rising Action Plan 2019-2024, which provides a roadmap for Council to focus its resources as it continues to work to revitalise the Sunshine Town Centre and realise its full potential.
  2. The draft action plan will also leverage some exciting opportunities for Sunshine, including the once-in-a generation opportunity offered by the Sunshine Super Hub project.
  3. The recent announcement of the Western Rail Plan, including the Melbourne Airport Rail Link and Sunshine Super Hub, is a real game-changer for Sunshine.
  4. The $10 billion commitment towards constructing the Melbourne Airport Rail Link (MARL) via Sunshine provides a transformative opportunity to unlock the immense potential of the west.
  5. The Sunshine Super Hub is a landmark project that will reinvent a thriving economic centre — unlocking jobs now and for future generations, re-establishing an employment epicentre for Melbourne and Victoria’s West.

“These major projects will deliver substantial economic, environmental and social and cultural benefits for Sunshine and the wider region – and firmly cement Sunshine’s role as centre of state significance, and gateway to metropolitan Melbourne, regional Victoria, and beyond,” the Mayor said.

Duke Street Neighbourhood Activity Centre is the commercial portion of a PACE residential development. Located in a disused quarry that has formed its own “natural” lakeside setting, three of the four residential townhouse phases have already sold out, with the fourth shortly to be released to the market

REMI Capital already settled on the land and obtained approval to construct a new shopping centre to serve the community. Further, our application to amend this permit, to add two, nine-story residential towers to the project, has received positive feedback from the local council. 

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