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Rockbank Project – Unlocking value to optimise development potential with Justin Ray

Justin Ray
Senior Principal Urban Designer at Tract Consultant
Qualifications: GCBA (Exec), RMIT, Melbourne (current),GDLA QUT, Brisbane, BBEE, QUT, Brisbane
Justin Ray is an urban design leader, known for his strategic insight, energy, and imagination.

Justin Ray is an urban design leader known for his strategic insight, energy and imagination. He has a profound understanding of development processes and is renowned for his innovative implementation strategies, operating with multi-disciplined teams within complex stakeholder communities. Further, he has a strong grasp of both the commercial and lifestyle benefits of human-centred design. Justin is passionate about transforming our cities into thriving, healthy, loveable, livable communities by creating new places and precincts that inspire and connect people

With decades of experience breaking new ground with such projects around the world, he maintains that the best design solutions emerge from a highly collaborative, “joined-up” design process and encourages his teams to adopt a visionary approach; and be bold! Justin is committed to rethinking cities from a global ecological and health perspective. He draws on his master planning, place-making, communications and collaborative design skills to unlock the value and optimise the potential of developments, from the design of new towns through the renewal of existing urban precincts to the creation of major public spaces.

Justin is enthusiastic about the potential of REMI Capital’s Rockbank City Major Activity Centre project, and we took the time to ask why:

What is this project looking to achieve?

Reflecting on a broad set of interrelated concerns about health, and the design of the places we inhabit, we need to better understand the interconnectedness of – and potential solutions to – the problems associated with health and the built environment. Drawing on research, Rockbank City (MAC) will explore global processes, transformative praxis and emergent trends in architecture, urban design and healthy city research.


What gets you excited about this project?

Rockbank City Major Activity Centre (MAC) will be home to Melbourne’s brightest and most ambitious minds. It will be a place for inspired living. Rockbank living will draw inspiration from the world’s most engaging precincts, yet remain intrinsically connected to Melbourne’s unique culture. There is a shift underway from suburban to urban living, from traditional horizontal suburbs to new, compact, vertical mixed-use neighbourhoods that people can easily walk around.

What makes you excited about this project?

I’m excited by the opportunity of being part of a team that is genuinely looking at the bigger picture: the legacy we can create for future residents, for businesses, for the community, and of course for the environment. It takes a big vision, a lot of perseverance and a true desire to influence the future. These are the same values that drive our team at ClarkeHopkinsClarke.

What does this project say about future living?

Generation Z is just starting their careers. They are demanding to live and work in buildings, and a built environment, which blends new technologies and sustainable living features with inspiring community spaces, café culture and convenient neighbourhood amenities that can continue to adjust and adapt to meet their lifestyle expectations into the 21st Century. They want what Rockbank City(MAC) delivers!

What are some of the most interesting design elements?

Incorporating retail laneways, food markets with living, learning and working spaces, the project will reflect the new epoch of experience-led lifestyle shopping that’s evolving rapidly alongside the ongoing shift to e-commerce. At Rockbank City(MAC) we see this as an opportunity to re-imagine the shopping experience and have introduced the concept of nature-based retail by creating an active green heart to the development. Their biophilic design, well-being, natural light and fresh air will combine to create a unique “campus” environment where shopping will freely exist amidst living, working, learning and a world-leading start-up ecosystem.

At the heart of the precinct, roads and streets will be replaced with green spaces and gardens. Nature will provide the backdrop to daily life in what will be a unique retail, working, living and learning environment.


Rockbank City(MAC) represents a radical break from conventional suburban “dormitory” living. Rockbank City(MAC) will be made of compact, integrated mixed-use urban neighbourhoods set in a natural environment. The ground-breaking project will create a thriving, healthy, loveable, liveable community by fashioning places and precincts that inspire and connect people.

Rockbank City (MAC) will combine the best of the world’s most engaging neighbourhoods, with Melbourne’s unique “Most Liveable” culture, in an international multi-cultural setting boasting a wide variety of sustainable residential, employment, entertainment, recreation, retail, food and beverage facilities allowing people to work, rest and play in a natural environment, right on their doorstep.

Rockbank City(MAC) is the best of 21st Century living!

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